Celebrating Advent as a Family

We started following a modified approach to Advent Readings as a family several years ago. We basically start on December 1st rather than the traditional “4th Sunday before Christmas.” You can download this as a PDF here. Another helpful idea we are thinking to use this year is called Journey to the Manger: Kid’s Puzzles and can be found online as… Read more →

A Constituted Church

In God’s kindness we formally “constituted” as a church this past Sunday (02 November 2014). What, on earth, does it mean to “constitute” as a church? If you grab your concordance or your electronic, searchable Bible you will search in vain to find the term “constitute” in your New Testament! To constitute as a church is not a Biblical mandate.… Read more →

Church Planting with a Hymnal

It will be no surprise to anyone who knows me, I love hymns. I can’t sing in tune and I can’t read music, but I love the rich historical truths communicated in great hymns and I love the historical connection hymns make for us with Christians of the past. (I know, in some circles this is now cool. I’m not… Read more →

Why Rolleston Baptist Church?

Over the last several years the Lord has laid it on the hearts of a number of folks living in Rolleston who meet in area Christchurch churches, to establish a local church in their own community. In the providence of God, these families have come together and, led by Grace Baptist Church of Christchurch, have called a pastor. They anticipate… Read more →