Covid-19 Prayer Requests

It is our desire to be a praying people and a praying church at all times. At this time it might be prudent to keep particular prayer requests in mind for our church family and community. This list will be “generic” – particular names will not be given as this is public, more like categories to help stir thought and prayer. This list will be updated as new items are brought to our attention.

  • All of us as we experience the NZ lockdown beginning 11:59pm, Wednesday 29 March 2020.
  • That our use of technology and online tools will work smoothly and enable us to look after one another and “meet” together regularly.
  • Our more senior, elderly and members with preexisting health conditions which place them more at risk.
  • Members of our church family who carry the additional burden of concern for extended family who live overseas, some in parts of the world where Covid-19 is significantly more severe than here in New Zealand.
  • Members of our church family who are experiencing financial difficulties at this time. Those in apprenticeships will likely be let go first, those in jobs directly related to the airline industry will likely be affected sooner, those who are in vocations where working from home is not possible will also likely be affected sooner than others.
  • Students within our church family will likely experience significant disruption. This can be very unsettling to daily routines. For older students there will be increased burden with questions on how this might affect their future educational and career options.
  • Members of our church family who work in healthcare. They will inevitably experience increased demand and stress in their work. They may also find themselves in places of exposure which many of us will not experience.
  • That all of us will seek to proactively serve our neighbours and community members who will experience difficulties at this time.