“Gentle and Lowly” Quotes: Chapter by Chapter

You can download a PDF of these quotes here. You can order this book (highly recommended) here.   “…this high and holy Christ does not cringe at reaching out and touching dirty sinners and numbed sufferers. Such embrace is precisely what he loves to do. He cannot bear to hold back. We naturally think of Jesus touching us the way… Read more →

Teaching Series: Ageing Well to the Glory of God

We are nearing the end of a teaching series in our Sunday, 9:30am Bible Class. This series extended over several months. Here are the key resources we have made use of as we have wrestled with the subject, “Ageing to the Glory of God”. Joe’s full set of teaching notes can be accessed here. Most of these sessions were recorded.… Read more →

Primer: AI & The Christian Life

Here are some items/resources for any Christian who is wanting to start thinking carefully about living life in a world with increasing access to and use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools. (Disclaimer: By linking an article or website here, I am in no way giving approval to everything on the linked website or everything written/said by the linked author. The… Read more →

2023 Reading Plans as You Plan to Read

I hope your planning to read in 2023. Specifically, I hope you are planning to read your Bible and good theology in 2023. From my experience, most people won’t do either without a plan. Read this for a challenging encouragement to get started – You Have More Time for Bible Reading than You Think Here are some helpful plans for… Read more →

Ryle on Marriage

A few asked for a copy of this quote from JC Ryle after yesterday morning’s sermon. This is from his Expository Thoughts on Mark’s Gospel. “The marriage relation lies at the very root of the social system of nations. The public morality of a people, and the private happiness of the families which compose a people, are deeply involved in the… Read more →