Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 39

In chapter 39 of Job God continues to speak. As He does, He continues to ask Job rhetorical questions. These questions continue to demonstrate God’s power and authority over His creation. Yet, even more, they demonstrate his immanent care for His creation. God is all powerful, yet He is not distant from His creation. He meets the needs of all… Read more →

Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches: Roving Classroom – Saturday, 24 August

We have the opportunity and privilege to host our Fellowship’s Roving Classroom in August.All from RBC are welcome to attendWe will have visiting attendees from other Fellowship and area churchesCloser to the time we will seek volunteers to serve with catering. Watch this space… 🙂 FRBCNZ Roving Classroom – Rolleston When: Saturday, 24 Aug 2019Topic: Ruth–God Gives a Harvest of Sovereign Lovingkindness… Read more →

Liar, Lunatic, Lord or Maybe Legend

C. S. Lewis’ very memorable way of putting this… Stated in a radio talk in 1942 later published in Mere Christianity in 1952: “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: ‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God.’… Read more →

Resources for Home

Over the past few months we have been making use of the book Small Talks on Big Questions by Selah Helms and Susan Thompson Kahler during our “children’s story”. This book is essentially a teaching tool for working through a Children’s Catechism based on the Westminster Confession of Faith & 1689 The London Baptist Confession. We have also started in our 9:30 Bible Class a series where… Read more →

A Christian Call to Prayer

On Sunday, 17 March 2019, less that 48 hours after the horrific attack in two Christchurch Mosques resulting in the massacre of 50 people created in the image of God, I preached this sermon as part of this service. Today, 22 March 2019 when marking one week since this evil attack, New Zealand’s media outlets (online, TV, radio) will broadcast the Islamic “Call… Read more →