Vaccine Certificates/Passports and the Church

Sermon: Covid – Romans 14 – Loving One Another When We Disagree General Concerns: Verifiability of data: Up to now when a person in NZ receives their vaccine, no proof of identity is required. The individual administering the vaccine simply asks for the person receiving the vaccine to confirm their name and date of birth (in some cases their address). This is… Read more →

Our Sunday, 9:30am Workshop

Since we started as a church we have met together at 9:30am Sundays for a “workshop” [no I am not very creative when it comes to naming these kinds of things] prior to our main morning service. During this same time slot we have a Children’s Sunday School as well which has evolved from more of a creche to, beginning… Read more →

A Healthy Church Member

Several years ago, Thabiti Anyabwile wrote a book titled, What is a Healthy Church Member?. It still rates as one of the more helpful and practical books I have read on the subject of what it means to be a vital part of a local church.   A few years before the book was published, Thabiti wrote a series of articles… Read more →