Ryle on Marriage

A few asked for a copy of this quote from JC Ryle after yesterday morning’s sermon. This is from his Expository Thoughts on Mark’s Gospel. “The marriage relation lies at the very root of the social system of nations. The public morality of a people, and the private happiness of the families which compose a people, are deeply involved in the… Read more →

Helpful Marriage Videos

Several couples from RBC have been enjoying a “Marriage Weekend” this weekend together. Here are a couple of videos I showed during our time together which are very helpful. Specifically from between the 9 & 12 minute mark of this video Paul Tripp speaks to marriage in particular. However, the entire video is very helpful.   I continue to find… Read more →

Marriage, Definitions, and Homophobia

It is amazing how something rather simple can be made messy and complicated. Take one’s desktop (the literal one in your office, or the pixelated one on your computer). This is a rather simple device, yet for many it can easily and quickly become a complete mess. Kind of like defining marriage. All across the Western world numerous persons claiming… Read more →

Simple Thoughts on Marriage

This weekend I have the privilege to lead a marriage retreat at Rolleston Baptist church where I serve as Pastor. This is always one of the must humbling things I do as a Pastor. I say ‘humbling’, because, other than parenting, there is no other subject which so clearly reveals my own sin. I say ‘privilege’ because it is a tremendous privilege to… Read more →

Marriage “Retreat” – 13,14 March

Please plan to attend this “retreat”. Please reply (using the “contact” form on this website) by 02 March to RSVP. 7-9pm Friday; 10am-9pm Saturday @ Rolleston Christian School – 571-575 Springston- Rolleston Road This isn’t a retreat where the couples come away for an entire weekend, etc. That would certainly be wonderful, however, to help keep costs down and the assist with… Read more →