Gathered Worship

Vaccine Certificates/Passports and the Church

Sermon: Covid – Romans 14 – Loving One Another When We Disagree General Concerns: Verifiability of data: Up to now when a person in NZ receives their vaccine, no proof of identity is required. The individual administering the vaccine simply asks for the person receiving the vaccine to confirm their name and date of birth (in some cases their address). This is… Read more →

28 Feb 2021 – Covid Alert Level 2 – Service Plans

Hopefully you have seen or heard the announcement made tonight that we are shifting to Covid Alert Level 2 at 6am tomorrow (Sunday, 28 Feb) morning. We are doing everything we can to ensure we keep to the Government Guidelines as specified on the Covid-19 website. Here is our plan for tomorrow… Effectively we plan to proceed as “normal” with the exception… Read more →

Covid-19 & Sunday, Gathered Worship

Sunday, 14 June New Zealand is now at Alert Level 1. Therefore all restrictions around on Physical, Gathered Worship Services are off. From Sunday, 14 June we plan to resume services as “normal” with no need for keeping attendance, with providing a creche and our Morning Tea. We aim to resume our 9:30 Children’s Sunday School and Adult Bible Class… Read more →