Vaccine Certificates/Passports and the Church

Sermon: Covid – Romans 14 – Loving One Another When We Disagree General Concerns: Verifiability of data: Up to now when a person in NZ receives their vaccine, no proof of identity is required. The individual administering the vaccine simply asks for the person receiving the vaccine to confirm their name and date of birth (in some cases their address). This is… Read more →

Romans 14 & Covid Vaccinations

Sermon: Covid – Romans 14 – Loving One Another When We Disagree A pastor friend in Australia recently posted this on FaceBook which I thought was helpful. Regarding vaccinations: Please obtain the best relevant medical advice to inform your decision. Your choice should be free of duress and consistent with a clear conscience. Personal circumstances differ. I respect the choice… Read more →

28 Feb 2021 – Covid Alert Level 2 – Service Plans

Hopefully you have seen or heard the announcement made tonight that we are shifting to Covid Alert Level 2 at 6am tomorrow (Sunday, 28 Feb) morning. We are doing everything we can to ensure we keep to the Government Guidelines as specified on the Covid-19 website. Here is our plan for tomorrow… Effectively we plan to proceed as “normal” with the exception… Read more →

Covid-19 & Sunday, Gathered Worship

Sunday, 14 June New Zealand is now at Alert Level 1. Therefore all restrictions around on Physical, Gathered Worship Services are off. From Sunday, 14 June we plan to resume services as “normal” with no need for keeping attendance, with providing a creche and our Morning Tea. We aim to resume our 9:30 Children’s Sunday School and Adult Bible Class… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 42

Forty-two consecutive days through the book of Job, one chapter per day. I began these “ponderings” on the first day New Zealand entered Level 4 Lockdown in response to Covid-19. We are now in Level 3 and will be for, at least, another week. The Pandemic is far from over. The implications of the Pandemic will continue for a very… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 41

I enjoy watching nature documentaries. I especially enjoy watching nature documentaries which focus on the oceans and seas. Next to outer space, mankind has known less about what is in our oceans than what is on land – though we are still learning more about what is on land all the time. In chapter 41, God continues to speak to… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 contains God’s strongest rebuke to Job. In verse 2, God asks Job if he, though he has found fault in the others, if he is going to argue with God and seek to find fault with Him as well! In verses 3-5, Job replies by essentially saying he has already said too much. He recognises his place before… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 38

I usually write these in the morning… However, I am wide awake tonight… I just stood in a carpark and prayed with two young adult siblings from our church who just learned their little brother died only hours ago on the North Island in a motorbike crash. Life in this broken, fallen world is so hard; so full of sorrow;… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 is a very interesting chapter when read in light of the first verse of 38. In chapter 37 it seems like an actual storm or whirlwind is approaching. Elihu is taking something he and they are actually seeing and referencing it as a display of God’s majestic power and authority. Little does Elihu know, it will be out… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 36

In this chapter, Elihu continues in his speech to describe and defend God. Yet his view of God is still incomplete and distorted. Even more, I can only imagine what must have been going through Job’s mind when he heard Elihu say verse 4! Further evidence that Elihu has a very serious case of “young man’s disease”. Yet, at the… Read more →