The Magnificat, Luke 1:46-56 – An Advent Sermon

Luke 1:46-56 The Magnificat A sermon preached at Howick Baptist Church in 2011. You can listen to the audio here. Intro: The Anticipation of God’s People OT – Historical/Theological Context Genesis 3:15 => God promised to send His Redeemer as a seed of the woman Genesis 4:1 => Eve believed God! Abraham & Sarah Leah with Jacob Tamar with Judah… Read more →

Christmas and the Incarnation

The Christmas (or Advent) season provides a wonderful time to purposely reflect on the Incarnation of Christ. Here are some quotes from others to help you begin to think carefully and deeply on this wonderful miracle! “It is no wonder that thoughtful people find the gospel of Jesus Christ hard to believe, for the realities with which it deals pass… Read more →