28 Feb 2021 – Covid Alert Level 2 – Service Plans

Hopefully you have seen or heard the announcement made tonight that we are shifting to Covid Alert Level 2 at 6am tomorrow (Sunday, 28 Feb) morning.

We are doing everything we can to ensure we keep to the Government Guidelines as specified on the Covid-19 website.

Here is our plan for tomorrow… Effectively we plan to proceed as “normal” with the exception we will setup outside the School building for our 9:30 Bible Class and 10:30 Main Service. This frees us from the “indoor” limitations.


  • we will have our Sunday School Classes and 9:30 Bible Class as usual – except the Bible Class will be outside.
  • we will have our 10:30 Main Service as usual except it will also be outside. Many of you will remember we did this last year when under Level 2 restrictions.
  • We will not serve tea/coffee after the service.
  • We will attempt to pack-up in a fairly timely manner after the service so as to shift out to the Steven’s.
  • The Baptism and Shared Lunch will proceed as planned at the Steven’s.

Thankfully the weather is forecast to be pleasant with little wind tomorrow. It would be advisable for you to perhaps bring an extra layer or dress a bit warmer just in case, depending on your temperature preference.

(BTW: There are already discussions happening with regards to Church Camp. More info will be shared when it is available.)