Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 11

Zophar, the third of Job’s friends speaks. His speech is the shortest thus far of the friends.

His main point is similar to what has been said thus far to Job by his other friends. Job’s words and claim that his suffering is not connected to specific or particular sin needs to be answered. Job cannot be right, but he clearly isn’t listening to the counsel of his companions.

If only God would speak. Then Job would hear the truth and know his guilt. Then perhaps Job would repent when it become clear to him that he actually deserves worse. If he would respond in repentance, Job would be restored and all of this would become a distant memory.

Zophar’s speech does contain truths about the knowledge of God. Especially in verses 7-10. God’s knowledge is inexhaustible. He is beyond our finding out. Though we can know God, we cannot know Him fully. He knows us more fully than we know ourselves or ever could.

Zophar commits the classic mistake of presenting the omniscience of God disconnected from His covenant with His people. God’s omniscience like all of God’s attributes, disconnected from his covenantal love for His people is terrifying rather than comforting.

To know God knows everything and us exhaustively and to not know He loves us and cares for us is terrifying.

In Psalm 139 we read a very different perspective on the omniscience of God. The Psalmist finds great comfort in knowing that God knows him, cares for him and that he is always in His presence.

Read this Psalm even now and give thanks to the Lord for His comprehensive knowledge of you. Be comforted as you rest in His covenant love for you, in-spite of you unworthiness, knowing that Christ has made you worthy.

Soli Deo Gloria

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