Shepherding the Heart NZ Tour with Tedd Tripp

Two books which have been extremely helpful and influential in developing our understanding of Biblical parenting have been authored by Tedd Tripp.


Tedd was also pastor of Grace Fellowship Church which served as an “advisory” church to the church plant we were a part of in the States before moving to New Zealand in 2006. Going back even further, I studied under Tedd briefly in the mid-90’s when he was with CCEF.

I am very thankful Tedd and his wife Margy will be here in New Zealand during the month of March. I would highly recommend these events and encourage anyone who is able to attend one near them.

I will be participating in Auckland and Christchurch with the following seminars:

  • “Tackling the isms; Developing a Biblical Worldview” [twice: for teens and also adults]
  • “Media Minefield: Manipulation, bias, impact, and its role in society” [teens]

See their website for more details and to register!