Marriage “Retreat” – 13,14 March

Please plan to attend this “retreat”. Please reply (using the “contact” form on this website) by 02 March to RSVP.

7-9pm Friday; 10am-9pm Saturday

Rolleston Christian School – 571-575 Springston- Rolleston Road

This isn’t a retreat where the couples come away for an entire weekend, etc. That would certainly be wonderful, however, to help keep costs down and the assist with the care of children we have chosen to do it this way. On the Saturday there are long breaks for lunch and tea which allow the couple to spend time together reflecting on what they are learning.

This is not a seminar for those who are on the brink of marital disaster (though they are welcome). This is a seminar for anyone regardless of the length of their marriage or even those who want to learn more about the Scripture’s teaching on marriage in preparation for a future marriage.

The material used for this seminar is essentially the same material I use for all pre-marital counselling I conduct with any couple I marry. We have held these types of “retreats” on five occasions over the past eight years.

You can get a “taste” for what we will cover during this “retreat” here.