Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 26

Job’s three friends who we were introduced to at the end of chapter 2 have finished their attempts to persuade Job. In chapter 26 Job begins his concluding remarks. This speech will stretch all the way through chapter 31. Here at the beginning of his concluding remarks, Job reflects on the unsearchable majesty of God. Job makes observations, primarily from… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 25

Bildad doesn’t offer much in this very brief reply. Essentially, he replies to Job by saying – you are mistaken if you think anyone can stand before God innocent, everyone and all of creation is impure before Him. A half-truth when presented as the whole-truth is an untruth. Bildad sees no mercy, no grace, no covenant lovingkindness in God. The… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 is the second part of Job’s reply to Eliphaz. Here, Job replies directly to Eliphaz’s claim that the wicked do not prosper. Essentially, Job says – “really! Look around, I can give a long list of examples of the wicked who seem to prosper in this life and go to their death with no apparent consequences.” When reading… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 21

Job’s reply here to Zophar is quite simple – you’ve got to be kidding me… Look around… The wicked don’t suffer like this… They prosper and go to their grave in peace… Your words are completely false, they don’t stand up to the most simple and basic observations of life. As we’ve seen before, Job’s words here are an expansion… Read more →

Pondering Job in a Pandemic – Chapter 20

Zophar continues to sound like an expert health, wealth and prosperity preacher. Zophar seems to pick up from Job’s words that Job isn’t taking him seriously or listening his perspective (3). He then proceeds to tell Job what is supposedly so obvious that everyone knows it, but Job (4). Verse 5 sums up Zophar’s thesis – “the exulting of the… Read more →